Customer centered approach to your energy retailing business.
nxter is a cloud hosted solution for every energy retailer to efficiently perform billing, customer support and back office operations, while leveraging ongoing developments in digital technology, home energy management and distributed generation to offer innovative energy services.

By using nxter innovative capabilities and tools, you can achieve operational excellence, increase customer acquisition and retention at reduced cost of ownership. Unlike existing solutions, which are either outdated or not customer centric, nxter constantly addresses the evolving consumer needs to provide greater control to consumers to choose the source, amount and timing of the energy they use.
Back office system
Streamlined enrollments

Customer engagement

Value added services
Stay Ahead of Competition

Acquiring and retaining customers while facing regulatory demands requires more than the traditional energy service model from you. With nxter you will have the opportunity to offer energy efficiency, DR, Distributed Generation programs and many other valued add-ons using our cutting-edge integration technology and the nxter platform.

Stay Relevant

nxter helps you to stay relevant in the dynamic markets you operate in. You get the benefit of our continuous advancements in home energy management, energy efficiency, DR, distributed generation and many other innovations though the same cloud hosted solution we offer today

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